Leasing vs. Financing a Buick or GMC


Leasing vs. Financing a Buick or GMC

At our Buick and GMC dealership near Scranton, PA, it's important to us that you're making the best decision to suit your specific lifestyle and budget. We're thrilled you were able to pick a model you love, and we hope it will accompany you on all your journeys for many miles and years to come. There's much more to the acquisition process than just simply selecting a model, though. When you come to us to lease or buy a new Buick or GMC, we want to ensure it fits seamlessly into your budget. So what do you do? Does leasing or financing make more sense for you? We're here to explain your two options to you, and help you decide how you'll pay for your vehicle.

Leasing a Buick or GMC:

When you decide to lease a new Buick or GMC, you're always getting a brand-new model to enjoy. That's one of the main benefits of leasing -- you'll always have all the latest automotive technology available. The other draw is the flexibility in ownership. With a lower down payment and lower monthly payments, it's easy to get started with the process. Plus, when your lease term is up, you can walk away and don't have to worry about a thing!

  • Your down payment will be smaller than if you finance it, and your monthly payments will be less.
  • When you lease a vehicle, you don't own it. That means when your lease contract is up, you'll have to decide whether to buy it at that time, pick out a new Buick or GMC to lease or extend your lease.
  • You can't significantly customize your vehicle, but you will get the most modern technology available each time you lease a new vehicle.
  • You will have mileage limits, and if you go over you may need to pay a fine at the end of your lease term.

Financing a Buick or GMC:

Financing a vehicle at Abeloff Buick GMC requires a bit more responsibility and a higher cost up front, but the end result is pretty fantastic -- you'll be the owner of your very own Buick or GMC. You'll also have the freedom to travel far and wide without having to worry about any mileage restrictions or fees at in the end of a lease. If you choose this option, you'll work with our talented GMC and Buick financing team to take out a loan from a financial institution, and settle on a repayment schedule. When you no longer want your car, you can sell it or trade it in as you please.

  • You'll have a larger down payment and have to pay more on a monthly basis, but your payments will go toward ownership of your vehicle.
  • You can sell or trade in your vehicle as you please without worry of an early-termination fee
  • Your payments will be spread out over a few years rather than a shorter lease term.
  • You can customize your vehicle to your heart's content with OEM GMC or Buick parts and accessories.
  • You'll never have to worry about mileage limits or damaging your vehicle. You're free to do as you please without restrictions. 

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